Vacancy: SAVCA Regulatory & Public Affairs Officer

Position overview

This is a new position within SAVCA, reporting to the organisation’s CEO. The incumbent

will have overall responsibility for all of SAVCA’s regulatory and public affairs initiatives

within the private equity and venture capital industry. The position will require regular

interaction with a wide range of stakeholders including private equity firms, international

industry bodies, government officials, legal practitioners, tax practitioners, as well as

SAVCA’s board of directors and its regulatory sub-committee.

This is a half-day/half-time position, with the requirement for flexibility on the part of the

candidate in order to accommodate a busy meeting schedule.

Key activities and responsibilities

 Lead SAVCA’s engagement and lobbying with regulators and legislators, including

National Treasury, SARS, SARB, the FSB and the DTI

 Monitor legal, regulatory and tax developments in SA and internationally that affect the private equity and venture capital industry including:

o FAIS and the proposed Financial Sector Regulation Bill o FICA o Exchange Control regulations o The Companies Act o Competition Regulation o Taxation legislation o Tax reporting (DWT, IWT, IT3, FATCA, CRS, etc.) o Government aid programmes and incentives to support venture capital and

private equity, including S12J o BEE and related industry charters o Fundraising in foreign jurisdictions (e.g. AIFMD in Europe, Dodd-Frank in USA) o Broader investment themes (e.g. property rights, FDI developments, etc)

 This includes research, analysis and recommendations for action to the SAVCA

regulatory sub-committee

 Provide ongoing project management, administrative and technical support to SAVCA’s regulatory sub-committee

 Coordinate SAVCA’s interaction with law firms, accounting firms and consultants in

respect of legal and regulatory developments

 Encourage regulatory compliance among members by circulating relevant updates

 Respond to ad hoc questions from SAVCA members on legal and regulatory matters

 Draft responses and submissions to regulators and policymakers on behalf of SAVCA

 Coordinate meetings with regulators and legislators

 Build relationships with the relevant regulators, consulting firms, law firms and other industry associations

 Play a leading role in SAVCA’s work in promoting the asset class to regulators, policy- makers, investors and other stakeholders.

This person will have the following personal qualities:

 Assertive and convincing

 Personable and presentable

 Self-motivated

 Ability to interact at senior level with government, regulators and industry

 Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure

 Discretion

 Integrity and honesty

 Ability to work in a team

 Self-starting networker

This person will have the following education, experience and skills:

 A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification, in business, accounting, law,

investment management, public affairs – or a related field

 At least ten years’ working experience including at least five years in a legal,

compliance or regulatory affairs role

 Previous experience of working with government and/or regulators at a senior level in

connection with financial services or investments

 Strong written and verbal communication skills

 Mastery of office-relevant software such as Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint

About SAVCA: The Southern African Venture Capital and Private Equity Association

(SAVCA) is the industry body and public policy advocate for private equity and venture

capital in South Africa, representing around R170 billion in assets under management.

SAVCA promotes South African private equity by engaging with regulators and legislators on

a range of matters affecting the industry, providing relevant and insightful research on

aspects of the industry, offering training on private equity and creating meaningful

networking opportunities for industry players.

SAVCA’s Vision: To be the champion for private equity and venture capital in Southern


SAVCA’s Mission: To represent and promote private equity and venture capital in Southern

Africa, and to foster an environment of:

 Access to capital to fund private equity and venture capital transactions

 Healthy market for investments and realisations

 Supportive legal, regulatory and tax regime

 Professional and ethical conduct

SAVCA’s Core Focus Areas:

 Relevant research

 Training for SAVCA’s stakeholders

 Networking and events

 Legal and regulatory advocacy

 Provision of guidelines and standards for the industry

SAVCA’s Values:

 Camaraderie

 Excellence

 Passion

 Fairness

 Transparency

We would like to hear from you!

If you believe you fit the description, and that you’re our next team member, please contact

us as follows:

Submit your CV, together with at least three contactable work-related references, your salary

expectations (on a cost-to-company basis) and a clear motivation as to why we should

consider you for this position. The motivation should be in Word format and no longer than

450 words.

Please submit these documents to [email protected] We will read through all

applications. Should you not receive a response, please work on the assumption that your

application has not been successful. Applications close on 17 August 2016.

1 weeks ago

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